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Focus: Healthy Mommy + Healthy Baby = Healthy Family
Focus:  Healthy Mommy + Healthy Baby = Healthy Family            

 Management of Opioid Dependency During Pregnancy




This book will provide a solid framework for therapists / clinicians to assist individuals recovering from heroin addiction. During the recovery process it is common for the individual recovering from heroin to not share their true feelings of grief and loss because of the attachment to heroin. There are feelings of grief and loss with the drug itself, the heroin culture, the heroin lifestyle and the loss of needle obsession / ritual. The individual has relied on the drug for comfort as one would depend on a spouse or a best friend. When the heroin is taken away by the route of drug rehabilitation the individual will experience a loss similiar to a death of a loved one. This book is important to add an additional way for the therapist(s) to assist the recovering individual to develop appropriate coping skills to discuss the losses. If these losses are not properly addressed the individual will experience disenfranchised grief.






Article Written by Dr. Moss-King:  Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

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