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Dr. Davina Moss, founder and president of Positive Direction and Associates, Inc.®, is one of New York State’s leading experts in professional opioid addiction and substance abuse counseling.

Through Positive Direction and Associates, Inc.®, Dr. Moss provides comprehensive counseling, keynote presentations and educational seminars on a range of substance abuse issues, focusing her work and research heavily on neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).

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Positive Direction - Dr Moss-King

Upcoming Events and Webinars on Addiction - Buffalo NY

March 3rd at 12pm - FREE - Mental Health Consequences during a Pandemic for Women with Compromising Disorders: How Providers Can Help

The purpose of this activity is to discuss the mental health challenges exacerbated by the pandemic focusing on women with compromising disorders such as substance use and alcohol use disorders, and communicable diseases to name a few. The seminar will discuss strategies, screening tools that can be used to assist providers to identify concerns regarding the mental health status of the woman that has compromising disorders. The seminar will conclude with resources that will enhance the provider's self-efficacy to improve health outcomes.

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